Monthly: May 2019


How to Reduce your Energy Bill by Switching to LED Lighting

At Beacon Lights our focus is to reduce your energy bill by upgrading your light fixtures and fittings to new, energy efficient LED alternatives. This process will reduce your electricity consumption thereby saving you money and helping the environment.

We have a dedicated team of experts who can work with you from the start of the project all the way to completion. Our team looks at your current lighting situation, recommends the most suitable solution for your needs and, if required, will help to project manage the installation. We can also help you to access available funding where possible or we can arrange to finance the whole project.

Our solutions using high quality LED lamps last much longer and come guaranteed for five years! You can use your own electrician or if preferred we can recommend experienced contractors to carry out the installation, making it easy to get started!

Benefits of changing to LED Lighting:

  • Potential 80% savings on electricity costs
  • Reduces your carbon emissions
  • Improves the lighting quality
  • Increases safety due to low heat output
  • Reduces your maintenance costs
  • Funding available with no upfront costs

Check out our completed projects on our website where we have made significant savings for our clients.

Interested to know how we could reduce your energy bill and save money by switching to LED? Simply contact us for a free no obligation survey and we’ll let you know.