About Us

About Us

Beacon Lights is a family-run business providing lighting design in Suffolk and throughout the UK. Since 1992, we’ve worked with local and national businesses in the wholesale and lighting design markets to create stylish and energy-efficient lighting solutions.

We pride ourselves on the core values that give our business its strength: honesty, efficiency, integrity, quality and reliability.

People who come to work for Beacon Lights often stay with us for years. We value this commitment and work hard to create a business in which we all take pride. We feel the same way about our relationships with customers and contractors: these are vital to our business so we nurture them and work collaboratively for mutual success.

We understand that our customers needs are as varied as they themselves are and range from general day to day supplies, to the design of exterior lighting schemes, prestigious interior design and other challenging projects.

So whether your requirements are commercial, industrial or farm related Beacon Lights can help with our wide range of in-stock products. And, of course, should you have a special requirement our extensive supplier network ensures we can provide you with a solution quickly and efficiently.

For more information about us please call us on 01728 833800

Beacon Lights are there for an innovative solutions to your lighting needs.