Cavius Battery Heat Alarm CV3106


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The Cavius Heat Alarm is designed for areas not suitable for smoke alarms where they would cause a risk of false alarms such as kitchen, garages and workshops.

The alarm is activated when there is a rapid increase in temperature level and when the temperature reaches above 58 degrees celcius. The siren reaches 85dB at a 3 metre distance so there’s no chance you’ll miss it!

Part of the Cavius Wireless Alarm Family, this alarm can communicate with others in the range setup around the home so when one alarm sounds, other alarms connected will also sound providing you with early detection.

At only 78mm in diameter the alarm is small enough the blend nicely into your home. It’s easy to install with the unique “smart clip” ceiling mechanism.

Comes with a 10 year warranty and 10 year battery for peace of mind.

Order Code: CV3106

D:78mm x H:42mm

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