Thermotouch 7.6iG 5220 Glass Programmable Thermostat White

SKU: THE-5220

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Thermotouch 7.6iG thermostat features a sleek white glass display and an improved 7 day 6 event heating schedule.

Easily program 6 heating events (3 on and 3 off) for every day of the week to create an efficient, automatic schedule for your electric underfloor heating system.

Designed to control your electric underfloor heating system easily and automatically.

Built in ambient temperature sensor and external floor sensor for accurate temperature management.

Lock the screen to prevent tampering by holding the up and down arrows for 5 seconds.

Design an economical heating schedule for your underfloor heating system that fits your lifestyle.

Adjust the temperature manually to boost your underfloor heating until the next scheduled heating event.

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