Volvo Truck & Bus Centre, Norwich

Working closely with Mannpower Electrical at Thetford, Beacon Lights were asked to come up with a proposal to improve the lighting at the Volvo Truck & Bus Centre East Anglia in the Norwich Branch.

The existing lighting was high pressure sodium discharge in the main workshop, unevenly spaced above the truck bays. The lighting levels were poor with lots of shadows and they were experiencing regular fitting failures, causing problems and hazards in the busy workshop. In other areas also they were experiencing increased failures of older switch start fluorescent fittings resulting in increased maintenance costs coupled with the higher running costs of these older fittings. Additionally, there were some areas with inadequate or no emergency lighting coverage.

The answer was a complete review of the lighting installation to bring it up to current standards and to provide cost savings using energy efficient fittings, which we were pleased to carry out.

In the main Workshop we proposed replacing the existing fittings with High level LED luminaires, introducing an additional row of fittings and adjusting the spacing of the fittings to give a good even lighting level and eliminating existing dark areas. We proposed IP65 LED vapour proof fittings in the vehicle pits to improve light levels for mechanics working under the trucks. In all other areas we proposed a direct replacement of existing fittings with LED fittings and were able to use existing wiring.

In the Showroom we proposed improving the lighting to comply with UGR19 for office use. The emergency lighting was reviewed internally and externally and upgraded to BS5266 part 1 to ensure full compliance with the latest regulation changes. We further proposed replacing the external discharge floodlights with LED equivalent output fittings.

We were able to achieve good energy savings throughout the premises, even with the extra fittings in the workshop areas. The Showroom has been pleasantly transformed with the fresh and clean effect of the new LED ceiling panels.

Additionally, by replacing the old emergency lighting fittings with new LED fittings we have reduced the parasitic load by 70% on the emergency lighting circuits.

We have had very positive reports back from Volvo Truck & Bus Centre who are very impressed with the much improved lux levels. They also have the peace of mind knowing the fittings come with a 5 year warranty.

If you want your property surveyed for excellent energy savings, like the above project, contact the Beacon Lights Design Team now for a no-obligation assessment of your premises.

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