Aico Training Demo Unit – Tuesday 13th March

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Don’t forget to book your FREE place on the Aico Training Demo Unit! Coming to Beacon Lights on Tuesday 13th March. There are two sessions available, one in the morning and one in the afternoon.

There are limited spaces available so book soon to secure your place!

To book, please either call the office on 01728 833800 or click here to use the booking form.

Become an Expert Installer

Aico’s free, CPD accredited Expert Installer training can now be delivered to groups in the mobile unit. Learn the latest Standards and Regulations, where to site alarms, as well as learning about their innovative technologies.

Get hands on with Aico alarms

During your visit, you’ll be given the chance to have a go with Aico’s alarms & technologies with help on hand if needed. From house coding to data extraction, give it all a go.

Take a virtual tour of the manufacturing process

Get to know Aico as a company and how they manufacture their alarms.

Get to grips with the latest technologies

Keep up to date with the latest Smoke & Carbon Monoxide Alarm technologies.

FREE food and drinks will also be provided.

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NEW Elisa Collection from Fumagalli

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The NEW contemporary LED Elisa collection is available as a bollard, spike or wall fitting, demonstrating the latest in modern lighting design.

Exclusive Fumagalli Construction – made in shockproof resin material, UV-rays stabilised and corrosion-free
• Contemporary Style Bollard, Spike and Wall Fitting
• Complete with High Output 10W LED GX53 Lamp
• Manufactured and Designed in Italy
• Class 2 Double Insulated
• IP55 Rated
• Lifetime Guarantee against corrosion – ideal for coastal areas!

Elisa Bollards
Elisa Bollards
Elisa Spike Lights
Elisa Spike Lights
Elisa Wall Lights
Elisa Wall Lights
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Co-op Store at Norwich Road, Acle


Working closely with East of England Co-op Building Services team we were asked to provide a full lighting design and proposals for their latest food store refurbishment at Norwich Road, Acle in Norfolk.

Our Lighting Design team provided a full CAD design, lay out plans for all areas complete with data sheets, within 7 days, for the Main Store and Warehouse.

The remit was to provide a complete LED design solution that was both aesthetically pleasing and energy efficient to follow on from their successfully refurbished Hamblin Road Store at Woodbridge.

East of England Co-op’s own specific requirements needed to be taken into consideration in addition to compliance with current guidelines for lux levels and emergency lighting coverage.

At Beacon Lights we like a challenge and this project was to be no exception. One of the customer’s particular requirements was to provide a ceiling mounted LED lighting fittings which were to resemble wine boxes complete with sprayed on stencils, down the wines and spirit aisle. Particular attention had to be given to their weight and future maintenance as they were being mounted on the suspended ceiling, while still providing the necessary lux level in this area.

Specialising in LED light strip at Beacon Lights, it was no problem coming up with a solution for lighting their vegetable display stands. We can assemble LED strip to the length you require in-house, in dimmable or IP rated versions and in a variety of wattages and colours, available from our premises in Leiston, complete with an extensive range of extrusion available to overcome specific mounting challenges. Please give us a call on 01728 833800 to discuss any particular challenge you may be trying to cope with.

We are fortunate to work with a number of forward thinking local companies of joiners and sprayers and between us we came up with a superb solution to the customer requirements, as can be seen in the photos attached, combining innovation with the latest in LED lamp technology. Additionally, we arranged for the pendant luminaires to be sprayed to bespoke RAL colours specified by the East of England Co-op.

Following receipt of the order the main store luminaires were on-site within 7 days and the specials on-site within 10 working days. We worked closely with J A Collins who were the electrical contractors for the project and they completed the installation as usual efficiently and on time. We draw from a wide range of our suppliers to achieve the best results.

Every picture tells a story and we are sure you will agree that the finished supermarket looks great and very different to the normal bland supermarket we all take for granted these days.

We are pleased to have worked with East of England Co-op and J A Collins on this project. It is a privilege to work with forward thinking companies to achieve something a little bit different from the norm!

At Beacon Lights we are your one-stop-shop for all your lighting requirements and challenges – we really do “create drama with light”

Co-op store information:
J A Collins website:

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Photos from Calibration Trade Day 2017


Our 10th annual Calibration Trade Day was a great success and all of us at Beacon Lights would like to thank everyone who came and joined us! We had stalls/representatives from CP Electronics, National Ventilation & Megger as well as plenty of equipment to calibrate throughout the day – and as always, the free hot breakfast was very much enjoyed by all! We look forward to seeing you all again next year!

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Beacon Calibration Day 2017

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Visit us on Wednesday 6th September at the Beacon Calibration Day for calibration of your testing equipment, special offers in-store and a chance to meet with some of our suppliers.

Come to Beacon Lights or call for collection for calibration of:

  • PAT Testers
  • Multifunction Testers
  • Insulation Testers
  • Continuity Testers
  • Loop Testers
  • RCD Testers
  • Multimeters
  • Clamp Meters

You can book to ensure your slot by:

Calling our team on 01728 833800 Emailing this PDF to our sales address Filling out the booking form

FREE hot breakfast for everyone!

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Grafton House Car Park – Ipswich

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Working closely with Ipswich Borough Council and Optimum Controls, Beacon Lights were asked to put forward proposals to improve the Car Park lighting at their Grafton House Headquarters in Ipswich, using LED luminaires.

Several of the columns were unlit due to ballast failures in the existing older 100w M/Halide discharge fittings, which was causing a safety and security issue for employees leaving the building during the hours of darkness.

We were also asked to improve the existing lux levels and at the same time achieve energy savings. The other criteria to consider was that the luminaires needed to be dark sky compliant due to residential flats to the rear of the car park.

Working closely with Performance in Lighting we came up with a solution using their Theos 70w LED Street Light (see attached photo and link below). These Theos luminaires satisfied all the requirements for this project, providing:

  • Improved lux levels for a more secure environment
  • Improved lighting uniformity with no more dark spots
  • No more costly lamp changes thus reducing maintenance costs
  • Reduced energy running costs, giving Ipswich Borough Council over 30% energy savings compared to the existing discharge fittings

The Theos luminaires come with a full 5 year warranty giving quality assurance and peace of mind.

Performance in Lighting (Theos Luminaire) –

Optimum Controls –

Please browse the photos of another completed project by Beacon Lights working closely with Optimum Controls and Performance in Lighting.

If you would like an engineer to come and carry out a ‘no obligation’ survey of your premises please give our Lighting Design Department a call on 01728 833800.

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Volvo Truck & Bus Centre – Norwich Branch

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Working closely with Mannpower Electrical at Thetford, Beacon Lights were asked to come up with a proposal to improve the lighting at the Volvo Truck & Bus Centre East Anglia in the Norwich Branch.

The existing lighting was high pressure sodium discharge in the main workshop, unevenly spaced above the truck bays. The lighting levels were poor with lots of shadows and they were experiencing regular fitting failures, causing problems and hazards in the busy workshop. In other areas also they were experiencing increased failures of older switch start fluorescent fittings resulting in increased maintenance costs coupled with the higher running costs of these older fittings. Additionally, there were some areas with inadequate or no emergency lighting coverage.

The answer was a complete review of the lighting installation to bring it up to current standards and to provide cost savings using energy efficient fittings, which we were pleased to carry out.

In the main Workshop we proposed replacing the existing fittings with High level LED luminaires, introducing an additional row of fittings and adjusting the spacing of the fittings to give a good even lighting level and eliminating existing dark areas. We proposed IP65 LED vapour proof fittings in the vehicle pits to improve light levels for mechanics working under the trucks. In all other areas we proposed a direct replacement of existing fittings with LED fittings and were able to use existing wiring.

In the Showroom we proposed improving the lighting to comply with UGR19 for office use. The emergency lighting was reviewed internally and externally and upgraded to BS5266 part 1 to ensure full compliance with the latest regulation changes. We further proposed replacing the external discharge floodlights with LED equivalent output fittings.

We were able to achieve good energy savings throughout the premises, even with the extra fittings in the workshop areas. The Showroom has been pleasantly transformed with the fresh and clean effect of the new LED ceiling panels.

Additionally, by replacing the old emergency lighting fittings with new LED fittings we have reduced the parasitic load by 70% on the emergency lighting circuits.

We have had very positive reports back from Volvo Truck & Bus Centre who are very impressed with the much improved lux levels. They also have the peace of mind knowing the fittings come with a 5 year warranty.

If you want your property surveyed for excellent energy savings, like the above project, contact the Beacon Lights Design Team now for a no-obligation assessment of your premises.

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Quatreus Ltd in Leiston

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We were asked by R W Curle to survey the premises of Quatreus Ltd at Leiston and come up with a solution to upgrade the lighting in their Main Warehouse, First Floor Mezzanine and first floor Storage Rooms.

The warehouse had an existing lux level of around 100 lux, well below the recommended level. This was largely due to failed T12 tubes and switch start ballasts in several fittings in this unheated area where fluorescent fittings struggle to perform efficiently. T12 fluorescent tubes have been discontinued for some time, are difficult to obtain and also very expensive to run. The warehouse was under-lit and in need of a face lift also, on inspection, we found there was no emergency lighting in place. Quatreus Ltd chose to remedy all issues at the same time, replacing existing luminaires with new LED fittings for a fit-and-forget refurbishment with the addition of two wall mounted exit signs over the fire exits to ensure full compliance with BS5266.

We lit the main warehouse area with Eaton Cooper LED Tufflite IP65 vapour proof fittings at high level, along with LED twin spots to give the emergency coverage over the stairs and warehouse areas. These luminaires come with a 5 year warranty and are also not affected by a cold warehouse environment. This upgrade resulted in increasing the lux level to 300 lux in the Main Warehouse improving the working environment, enabling all the labels on the boxes to be read with ease on the shelving and helping in the production assembly area. We replaced the lighting in the separate storage areas on the first floor with Eaton Cooper LED battens.

Further energy savings can be achieved by specifying these fittings with integral sensors, automatically turning the lighting off, or dimming the lighting to 10%, when an area is not being used.

It is also worth noting that any internal area over 60 sq. metres, when being refurbished, requires emergency lighting coverage to comply with BS5266.

If you have T12 fluorescent fittings in your premises contact Beacon Lights for an energy survey of your premises. You could save you over 70% on your energy bills by replacing them with LED fittings, and achieve an attractive payback on the cost of improvement.

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Reydon House in Ipswich

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Working closely with Optimum Controls and Ipswich Borough Council, Beacon Lights Design Team were asked to come up with a solution to the tired communal lighting at Reydon House Care Home in Ipswich. The old existing lighting was running switch start control gear which was frequently failing incurring high running costs and high maintenance costs with expensive call out fees and replacement ballasts.

The remit from Ipswich Borough Council was to improve the lighting levels in the dull corridors and community areas using LED luminaires, while at the same time reducing energy. We surveyed the premises and produced a full lighting design for all three floors on DWG cad files for ease of installation.

We put forward proposals for all corridor areas to have corridor function ballasts fitted with individual sensors for maximum energy savings. This means that when the corridors are unoccupied, after a pre-set time, the fittings would dim down to just 10% output ensuring that at no time are the residents walking into dark corridors, and as soon as the corridors are entered the fittings are triggered and ramp back up to 100% output. PIR sensors were used in all drying rooms, WC’s and stairwells. We also updated the emergency lighting internally and externally to BS5266 part 1 for full compliance with the latest regulation changes.

We reduced the existing energy bills by 25% with a like for like replacement using LED fittings and increased the lighting levels to a much more uniform lux level. The savings are also increased by the 90% energy savings made when the fittings are dimmed down to just 10%. The existing fittings used to run at full power for 24 hours a day, 7 days a week but now the fittings will dim down to 10% for quiet periods during the day and overnight, possibly up to 8 hours a day depending on activity.

By replacing the old emergency fittings with LED fittings we also reduced the parasitic load by 70% on the emergency lighting. As usual, all emergency lighting systems are charging continuously.

In this environment it was difficult to accurately calculate energy savings as this depends on footfall in all areas but significant cost savings are being made and Ipswich Borough Council and the residents at Reydon House are very happy with the end result.

If you would like your property surveyed for excellent energy savings please give the Beacon Lights Design Team a call on 01728833800.

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Zentura – Focus School at Stoke By Nayland

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During the 2016 summer holidays a large refurbishment was carried out at Focus School Stoke By Nayland Campus. Zentura carried out the refurbishment within budget and in a very tight timeframe of only 6 weeks!

A dramatic transformation took place in the school which included reconfiguration of the classroom layouts to embrace Self Directed Learning (SDL), new furniture throughout the school, a new staff hub area and much more. As part of the new SDL programe, the classrooms have been split into collaborative zones, semi-collaborative zones and focused zones which have enabled the students to choose their learning enviornment depending on how they learn best.

The staff at Focus School have been treated to a first class area which features a kitchen and break out zone, a collaborative zone for team discussion, seating booths for lesson preparation and even a shower!

Beacon Lights were awarded the challenge to draw up a lighting design that would create a stylish café feel within the staff area. As seen in the images, the light fittings chosen are slim and modern and have created the desired effect, whilst ensuring the light levels are supportive of the important work of the Focus School staff.

Zentura provided complete management of the refurbishment project, from initial space planning through to furniture supply and installation, while Beacon Lights provided the light fittings. To find out more about Zentura visit their website:

Images credit to David Chatfield at

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New Co-op Store at Hamblin Road, Woodbridge

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We were asked by East of England Co-op to provide an alternative design for their new Food Store in the old Budgens premises at Hamblin Road, Woodbridge. We were given just 7 days prior to the ordering date of materials to provide a full design as the store opening date was just a few weeks away.

Our Lighting Design team managed to provide a full design for all areas complete with data sheets within 2 days for the Main Store, new Subway area and the new Post office.

The remit was to provide a design that was both aesthetically pleasing but at the same time the East of England Co-op wanted a store that looked different due to its location in the centre of the historic market town of Woodbridge. We were still aware that strict lux levels and emergency coverage had to be in compliance with CIBSE guidelines and BS5266.

Once the order was placed, we had the main store luminaires on-site within 5 days and out and out specials on-site within 10 working days. We worked closely with J A Collins who were the electrical contractors, they completed the installation and we supplied of all materials on time.

Have a look at the pictures and video below, we hope that you agree the finished supermarket looks great and very different compared to the normal bland supermarket we all take for granted these days. We were pleased to work with East of England Co-op on this project and it’s nice to work with a forward thinking company trying to achieve something a bit different from the norm!

Give Beacon Lighting Design team a call if you need any help with your lighting needs, regardless of the size of the project.

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Easton White Horse

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We were happy to work closely with R W Curle on this exiting refurbishment of the old 17th century historic pub the Easton White Horse. We were asked to complete an emergency lighting design to make sure that it complied with both BS5266 & EN1838 throughout all the public areas and the kitchen on the ground floor as well as the first floor office, stairs and corridor areas.

We tried to use discreet recessed emergency luminaires where possible due to the very low ceilings, but at the same time we had to achieve the required LUX levels. If we had have used surface bulkheads, clearance and aesthetics would not have been as pleasing as to what we have achieved. We also had an issue at the fire exits as there was no clearance above the old doors to add an illuminated sign, due to low ceiling heights of the 17th century building. We managed to overcome that issue by positioning the Cooper Halopack close enough to achieve 5 LUX on the visual plane and photo luminescent sign. We also supplied recessed down lighters and various other light fittings.

We wish the Chestnut group and team at the Easton White Horse every success in their venture at this charming old pub, where fantastic food, drinks and a warm hospitality are waiting.

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Enoch House in Colchester

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Beacon Lights were happy to work closely with C J Electrical on the major refurbishment of Enoch House on the Greenstead Estate, Colchester. Enoch House is part of Colchester Borough Homes, which is due to be completed by Spring 2017.

Enoch House will be further enhanced by offering on site facilities including: mobility scooter storage, onsite parking facilities, a guest suite for friends and family, hairdressing salon, lounge areas and landscaped gardens. The work to date has included the full refurbishment of 8 flats and the completion of the new entrance and office.

Kevin French (of Beacon Lights) was involved at very early stages completing a full lighting design for C J Electrical & Colchester Borough Homes. Energy saving was just as important as longevity of the products used. We also had certain requirements that needed to be meet, like ECA compliance so a complete LED refurbishment was designed including controls like corridor function ballasts for the corridor area, integral PIR sensors and integral photocells for maximum energy savings. Self-test emergency luminaires were used throughout the corridor areas and stairwells.

We opted for Dextra Lighting throughout using their Amenity LED, Discalo LED, Graduate LED and ECO Pack LED ranges. Dextra Lighting is a UK manufacturer based In Dorset. They provided an on-time delivery in just 5-7 days including controls from the date of the order. They pride themselves with an excellent after sales service and back up.

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Snape Maltings – Concert Hall Inner Foyer

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We were happy to work closely with R W Curle & the Snape Maltings team to refurbish the Inner Foyer of this prestigious building at Snape Maltings.

The Foyer was very dark due to failing ballasts in the old existing fittings and there was insufficient lighting on the stairs, causing concern for Snape Maltings. As the ceiling height was at 7.5m, LED was the only solution to lift the light levels and also cut out the mounting repair bills. This also helped reduce the energy costs as the existing metal halide spotlights were inefficient.

Beacon Lights lighting design department took on the project and came up with a solution. See the above before and after photos and checkout the difference, I am sure you would agree it looks fantastic and we are very happy with the outcome – we know that Snape Maltings are also very happy with the end result.

We used a Sylvania 36w LED Spotlight which gave a 50% energy saving over the existing fittings and lifted the lights levels to over 200 lux as per the customer’s requirements. We choose a warm white colour to enhance the colours of the brick work. These fittings come with a 50,000 hour driver to L70 and a 5 year warranty. They use a unique passive heatsink design which optimises thermal management allowing maximum performance and colour stability throughout the life of the product.

Using LED fittings guarantees that there is no drop off in performance unlike the existing spotlights. Previously, annual lamp changes needed to be carried out to try and keep current light levels somewhere near where they should be but using LED technology provided an energy efficient solution and reduced maintenance costs with no further lamp replacements required. There is also no UV or IR radiations and it produces instant light with no warm up time.

Next time you visit Snape Maltings pop in and have a look at the Inner Foyer, let us know what you think!

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Framlingham College – Dining Room Lighting

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Our client, Framlingham college, asked us to assist with the lighting for the extension to the dining area in the college. An exciting opportunity to assist in the update of buildings with such long history, the remit was to create a “Costa” style appearance by using intimate pendant lighting over the tables, which helps create a warm and friendly atmosphere. We decided to use track lighting as this allows the fittings to be moved should the position of the tables need changing. Beacon Lights did not supply the wall lights.

We are very pleased that Framlingham College choose to work closely with a local, independent company like ourselves!

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Beacon Calibration Day 2016

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Visit us on Wednesday 7th September at the Beacon Calibration Day for calibration of your testing equipment, special offers in-store and a chance to meet with some of our suppliers.

Come to Beacon Lights or call for collection for calibration of:

  • PAT Testers
  • Multifunction Testers
  • Insulation Testers
  • Continuity Testers
  • Loop Testers
  • RCD Testers
  • Multimeters
  • Clamp Meters

You can book to ensure your slot by:

Calling our team on 01728 833800 Emailing this PDF to our sales address Filling out the booking form

FREE hot breakfast for everyone!

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Now stocking the Smart Purple Series

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  • smart_purple_series_nails
  • smart_purple_series_screws

We have now started stocking the excellent Smart Purple Series blades. Specialists in multi-tool blades and accessories, Smart know that the majority of users are not only seeking a great timber cutting blade, but one that will last when needing to cut nails etc.

The Smart Purple Series have not only been designed to give perfect cutting performance in a wide range of timber and plastics, but the advanced Titanium Alloy coating, also means these blades will last longer than any ordinary timber blade, and outlast any other bi-metal blade when it comes to cutting nails, screws and other non ferrous metals!

  • Bi-Metal with latest technology PURPLE TITANIUM COATING for cutting metal, nail embedded wood and plastic, providing extreme performance and longer lifetime.
  • PURPLE TITANIUM COATING shows purplish bronze colour and hardness of surface can reach the highest HRC80 with a 0.4 coefficient of friction.
  • PURPLE TITANIUM coating’s improved ductility makes it is an excellent choice for interrupted cutting operations.
  • PURPLE TITANIUM coating’s superior thermal stability provides unparalleled oxidation resistance.

The SMART 4 piece blade set proves the power of the Purple Series.

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Optimaxx Wood Screws available here!

  • optimaxx_1
  • optimaxx_2
  • optimaxx_3

At Beacon Lights we don’t just offer lighting solutions, we also have a range of different products for your construction and DIY needs – like the Optimaxx Performance Woodscrews.

These top quality high performance wood screws incorporate a number of unique features. A specifically positioned long thin groove dramatically reduces the pressure build up on insertion by dispensing wood fibres, preventing splitting when screwing close to the edge. The razor sharp point with thread beginning on tip gives an immediate start even in the hardest, smoothest surfaces. Finally a sharp saw-tooth formation cut out of the bottom threads bite into the timber reducing torque and resistance, enabling fast penetration without a pilot hole.

Click here to watch the video.

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East of England Co-op Funeral Parlour – Hawthorn Drive, Ipswich

The Client – East of England Co-op

“As a local, independent provider of professional funeral services in the East of England since 1925, we’re experts at what we do. Dedicated to providing you with a first-class service, and helping you to create the perfect tribute to your loved one across Suffolk, Norfolk and Essex.”

Hawthorn Drive Funeral Parlour – Ipswich

The remit from East of England Co-op was to provide a warm, friendly & inviting atmosphere in the delicate nature of this business for their new Hawthorn Drive branch.

Beacon Lights put several proposals forward and working closely with East of England Co-op came up with a solution both energy efficient and aesthetically pleasing at the same time to meet the clients requirements.

The unit was actually part of the main food store store so a total refurbishment was undertaken splitting the main unit into 3 separate functions. Beacon Lights were happy to supply all items for the new funeral parlour from containment, accessories, heating and all luminaires.

Throughout the refurbishment, care was taken to provide good quality luminaires and fixings to making sure longevity and reliability came as standard. This has always been East of England Co-op’s requirements when refurbishing their properties. We worked to a tight deadline making sure all items were delivered swiftly and on time to meet the completion date deadline.

See the above photos for the completed project.

We are pleased to be associated with East of England Co-op and look forward to working closely with them again in the near future.

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Coastal Building Supplies – Ipswich Branch

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Kevin French of Beacon Lights lighting design team was involved at an early stage to provide the best solution for Coastal Building Supplies brand new Ipswich branch at Wentworth Road, Ransomes Euro Park. Working closely with the consultant Corston Electrical Design working on behalf of Coastal Building Supplies Kevin provided a total LED solution along with a full lighting design from dwg plans specifying Dextra as the preferred manufacturer. The 5 year warranty plus luminaire efficiency and UK manufacturer was a key requirement from the consultant.

Once the project was awarded to Philip Coleman of Faraday Electrical further meetings followed with Beacon Lights and final tweaks were made then an order was placed with detailed call offs and delivery times. Details of the luminaires for the project are as follows:

Showroom / Trade Counter / Conference Room/ First Floor Office / Managers Office / Staff Room

The proposed luminaire used was the Graduate Recessed range of luminaires. Offering the direct/indirect gull-wing aesthetic common to many traditional fluorescent luminaires, the Graduate Recessed has the added benefit of LED technology. With long LED design life providing excellent efficiency with minimal maintenance. We used the 3800 lumen fitting over the trade counter area and rear office area as they fall below the 3000 candela limit and are therefore suitable for installation in applications with VDUs in use. We used the 5700 lumen fitting in the showroom area as the lux level needed to be higher for display purposes.

This performance is complimented with a wide range of options allowing the Graduate Recessed to be tailored to suit most applications, including emergency in standard, self-test and auto test options and dimming in analogue, switch dimming, DALI dimming and DSI. All luminaires are supplied fully flush as standard, however the central optic is fully adjustable and can be lowered to a semi recessed position during installation if required.

Dextra Lighting – Graduate LED Recessed Specification

Bulk Items & Sheet Metals

The Tracer LED Lowbay is designed to combine cost-effectiveness, energy efficiency and aesthetic appeal in a single attractive package. Engineered to minimise total cost of ownership with each installation, the luminaire was selected to save Coastal Building Supplies money in terms of electrical consumption, installation, and maintenance. Available in a higher band of lumen outputs, the luminaire was supplied in a 18,000lm package and comes with a 5 year warranty.

50,000 operating hours and extended lumen maintenance (maintained brightness of the source), the installation guarantees long-term savings for the company, as frequent lamp changes are not required to compensate for the higher failure and lumen depreciation rate of fluorescent and HID sources. The Tracer LED’s practical polycarbonate cover also offers ease of cleaning, allowing the luminaire to perform at its best with minimal maintenance. By combining these two factors, each fitting is set to perform as it did from the moment it was installed for an extended period of time, without the hassle or extra cost of frequent re-servicing. BS5266 was achieved using integral emergency fittings.

Dextra Lighting – Tracer LED Lowbay Specification

Archive / Corridors

The Ecopak range of LED battens offers an energy efficient source for many years. The Ecopak LED brings these same benefits combined with the increased energy efficiency and low maintenance of an LED source giving even greater return on investment.

The EPK LED allows for quick and simple installation with one for one replacement of existing luminaires. The footprint matches that of a typical fluorescent T8 batten and installation is simplified with a two part construction with rear spine and one piece clip in gear tray and diffuser allowing the spine to be mounted before electrical connections are made and the gear tray is snapped into place.

All EPK LED luminaires are available with integral emergency pack and a range of optics providing open area or narrow distributions to allow for replacement of fluorescent battens installed with trough or high rack reflectors.

Dextra Lighting – EPK LED Specification

Accessible WC

The ultra-versatile Protec LED downlight was used in the WC’s. With its attractive modern design and comprehensive range of customisable features including: interchangeable colour attachments and reflectors (specular or semi-specular), covers (IP44 or IP65 rated) and bezels, the Protec LED is adaptable to a variety of interior designs and branding colour schemes and can be easily modified, post-installation, to suit rearrangements in layout or style. The luminaire was supplied in a 3000lm capacity to provide the required light coverage and intensity using fewer fittings. By combining high-performance, anodised aluminium reflectors with the latest Lumileds LEDs and Philips Fortimo/Xitanium drivers, the Protec LED maximised the efficiency of the installation by offering LORs in excess of 90% and significant reductions in energy consumption compared to fluorescent or HID equivalents.

The Protec LED range offers further flexibility with its four-point spring bracket, facilitating quick installation in plasterboard, mineral fibre and metal tile surfaces of varying thickness. Custom bezels also allow the luminaire to be fitted in existing cut-outs for retrofit applications. Compatible with a range of lighting controls, the luminaire was supplied with HF dimming functions to allow staff to easily adjust the lighting according to their needs.

Dextra Lighting – Protec LED Specification

Storage First Floor

The IP65-rated Hydra LED offered an efficient, hassle-free, low-maintenance solution for the remaining storage area. Available in of lumen outputs ranging from 2200lm to as high as 12,600lm across 4 body sizes, with LORs of over 90%, the luminaire combines flexibility and efficiency in a practical and affordable package. A number of dimming options (High-Frequency, Switch, DALI, DSI and Corridor Mode) and emergency functions are also available with this range to suit a host of applications. The durable luminaire also offers protection to dirt and dust ingress, water and light impact, as well as resistance to temperatures between -20℃ and +25℃. The Hydra LED is also designed to offer tooled access in compliance to current regulations . The Hydra luminaires come with Dextra Group’s comprehensive 5-year warranty.

Dextra Lighting – Hydra LED Specification

Exit Signage

Dextra Lighting – EXI Specification

Customer Feedback

Following the positive feedback from Mark Whitbread Director at Coastal Building Supplies, the completed installation has been received well and particular praise was given to the Tracer Lowbays in the Bulk Items warehouse saying the staff were very happy with the lighting levels and no shadows.

We would like to wish Mark and his team at Coastal Building Supplies every success for the future.

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Ipswich Crematorium West Chapel

  • West_Chapel_Ipswich_7_new(2)
  • West_Chapel_Ipswich_6_new(2)
  • West_Chapel_Ipswich_1(2)
  • West_Chapel_Ipswich_2(2)
  • West_Chapel_Ipswich_3(2)
  • West_Chapel_Ipswich_4(2)
  • West_Chapel_Ipswich_5(2)
  • West_Chapel_Ipswich_8(2)

Beacon Lights were pleased to be asked to put a proposal forward to refurbish the Ipswich Crematorium West Chapel in central Ipswich. Working closely with Ipswich Borough Council and Ray Pyke of Optimum Controls who completed the installation we proposed a total LED solution in keeping with the appearance of the building and the delicate nature of its use.

We were asked to lift the lighting levels and CRI index as the existing lighting was the old high pressure sodium which was dated and produced an orange glow which was a little oppressive. Ipswich Borough Council also wanted to add dimming controls to have total controllability. High maintenance costs replacing the existing high level lights was also a factor and with no emergency lighting coverage on the existing installation this did not comply with the current regulations. There was also energy savings to be made and at the same time making sure it was aesthetically pleasing. Lighting was to play a key role in creating an open and welcoming environment, whilst cutting maintenance and electricity bills and reducing its Carbon Reduction Commitment.

We opted to use for general lighting the suspended Dextra Capo XL LED which is a modern take on the classic Highbay luminaire. The Capo LED XL provides a modern and attractive appearance with similar lumen output to traditional 250W and 400W HID luminaires with typically half the energy consumption and minimal maintenance requirements ensuring that the Capo LED XL provides rapid return on investment in the vast majority of applications. With a matt grey or white aluminium rear housing, a translucent collar available in a range of colours and opal refractor the Capo LED XL can also be customised to suit any corporate theme.

The Capo LED XL is available in three lumen outputs, 8,000 lumen, 16,000 lumen and 24,000 lumen ensuring it can be used as general lighting an effective replacement for the majority of HID sources and is also available in dimming and emergency variants eliminating the need for costly separate emergency lighting systems, reducing electrical consumption, installation and maintenance costs.

To illuminate the beamed ceiling we used Illuma’s GRIDSPOT LED flexible low Glare surface mounted surface spotlight. Available in 3 different sizes and finishes, we opted for the black finish to blend in with the beams. These came dimmable as standard.

This total LED project comes with a 5 year manufacturer’s warranty.

Please take a look at the before and after photos and I am sure you would agree West Chapel now looks a much more welcoming environment and aesthetically pleasing to the eye. The project is also now fully compliant with emergency lighting regulations BS5266 part 1 & EN1838.

More new projects to follow next week…

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Ipswich Regent – Circle Lounge & Stairwells

  • Circle Lounge Stairwell 2 after blog
  • Circle Lounge Stairwell 2 after close up blog
  • Circle Lounge Stairwell 3 after blog
  • Circle Lounge Stairwell after blog
  • Circle Lounge Stairwell before blog2

The Ipswich Regent theatre was originally opened in 1929 and was re-launched in September 1991 after Ipswich Borough Council successfully negotiated the ownership from the Rank Organisation and NCP. Today, Ipswich Borough Council continue to fund the running of the theatre as part of its arts and entertainment portfolio that also includes the Corn Exchange and Ipswich Film Theatre.

By working closely with Ipswich Borough Council and the contractor Optimum Controls, Beacon Lights was able to ensure the client a return on investment and fast delivery. Kevin French of Beacon Lights design team took just 2 days to perform the necessary site survey, design and present quotations. Delivery was key on this project so a quick turnaround was required. Once again, Beacon Lights fulfilled its commitment to provide total service to its customers with speed, flexibility and precision.

The remit on this project was to lift the lux levels and tired look of the old fittings, change the CRI index to cool white C84 giving a fresher look and feel to the newly decorated stairwells and Circle Lounge. We also had to make sure that we were fully compliant with emergency lighting with BS5266 & EN1838 as these were the main escape routes which required 1 lux in the emergency mode.

To meet current emergency requirements on the escape route, we used the Cooper Halopack 2 which combines the latest in LED technology with an ultra-low profile, providing emergency lighting where aesthetics and reliability are of prime importance. Installation into an existing ceiling is fast and simple to complete. For retrofit and/or shallow ceiling applications an optional adapter plate is provided as standard.

The Halopack 2 is suitable for both solid and exposed grid ceilings as the gear pod fits through the head unit installation aperture. It provides up to 50,000 hours LED life for reduced maintenance, low power consumption and reduced cost of ownership and comes with an environmentally friendly NiMH battery.

The Megaman 20.5w downlight provided the high illuminance levels required for the busy stairwells. These downlights offer an efficient and wide distribution and come with a 50,000 hour life expectancy. It is available in 950, 1560 and 2700 lumen packages. With an IP44 rating, the Megaman LED is a highly versatile solution. There is also an integral 3 hour emergency lighting option available to suit the client’s needs.

For the stairwell leading up to the Circle Lounge, the Robus Golf luminaire c/w pro diffuser provides low glare, creates even light distribution and requires minimal maintenance. The luminaire was delivered in an elegant white opal diffuser with an IK09 rating with an high impact polycarbonate housing. The LED replacement for the traditional 38w 2D fluorescent fitting offers significant energy savings, providing 1300 lumens and using only 15w of power; it’s available in 7.5w, 10w, 15w Chrome trim. The high efficacy of 87lm/W exceeds any foreseeable building regulations.

To achieve further energy savings, the luminaire is suitable for switching by PIR, Microwave or photocell.

Beacon Lights was happy to help both IBC and Optimum Controls achieve their goals. Remember next time you go to the Regent, look up!

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Polarseal Ltd Warehouse – Corridor & New Clean Room

  • Polarseal Isle Before and After
  • Polarseal_aisle_before_after
  • polarseal_clean_room_after

By working closely with Polarseal Ltd and R W Curle, Beacon Lights was able to ensure the client a return on investment. Kevin French of Beacon Lights design team took just 1 week to perform the necessary site survey, design and payback calculations and present quotations. We also guided the client through the bespoke design and quotation process, and finally delivered the luminaires for R W Curle to install. Once again, Beacon Lights fulfilled its unwavering commitment to provide total service to its customers with speed, flexibility and precision.

The remit was to lift the lighting levels as the forklift drivers were complaining about existing poor light levels and that they were struggling to read the stock labels. There was also several failures with the old style discharge low bays plus existing positions were not ideal. We were asked to provide a full lighting design offering both LED & T5 with and without sensors using existing positions but moved centrally in the racking aisles.

“On my survey I noticed that the existing emergency coverage in the racking aisles was insufficient and did not comply with current regulations. As this was a significant refurbishment BS5266 part 1 had to be achieved” says Kevin French.

We put proposals forward and the T5 sensored option was preferred. Both the T5 and LED option lifted the lux levels also saving energy.

The popular Ansell Opti-Lux 2 T5 low energy Low Bay was selected to cover the warehouse’s racking facilities. Its AO integral sensors combining presence detection and daylight dimming at heights above 4m maximizing energy savings. The Opti-Lux fitting comes complete with Tridonic control gear with a typical lamp life of a T5 lamp being 27,000 hours, this will significantly reduce on-going maintenance costs incurred with existing fittings. The Opti-Lux 2 fitting if required comes with an integral emergency ballast enabling the racking isles to now comply with BS5266 part 1. The use of a hand held programmer enables the end client to have total controllability of his premises along with making maximum energy savings.

Beacon Lights are happy to be associated with both Polarseal Ltd & R W Curle.

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Suffolk Food Hall

  • Suffolk-Food-Hall-06
  • Suffolk-Food-Hall-02
  • Suffolk-Food-Hall-01
  • Suffolk-Food-Hall-03
  • Suffolk-Food-Hall-04
  • Suffolk-Food-Hall-05
  • Suffolk-Food-Hall-08
  • Suffolk-Food-Hall-07

The Suffolk Food Hall commissioned Beacon Lights to design, supply and install all the lighting in their food hall.

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Midwich, Diss

  • Services-main-midwich
  • 1920x500-main-slider_midwich_01
  • 1920x500-main-slider_midwich_02
  • Midwich reception lighting design by Beacon Lights leiston

Midwich, Diss, started in 1979 and have now grown from the UK, into Europe and now globally. Their network of knowledge and expertise gives you a huge advantage, all designed to help you complete your projects, expand into new markets and grow your business. They have the UK’s largest stock of AV equipment, but not just that, they offer dedicated expert support, knowledge and expertise to help you achieve whatever projects you have, whether across the UK, Europe or Australia.

In tune with their high tech world, Beacon Lights were commissioned to design and install the lighting into their offices.

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Beacon Gallery

  • Gallery-1024x768_food-centre_04
  • Gallery-1024x768vw_ipswich_02
  • Gallery-1024x768_vw_ipswich_03
  • Gallery-1024x768_vw_ipswich_02
  • VW Ipswich - Lighting design by Beacon Lights
  • Gallery-1024x768_suffolk-food-02
  • Gallery-1024x768_suffolk-food-01
  • Gallery-1024x768_parham
  • Gallery-1024x768_food-centre_01
  • Gallery-1024x768_food-centre_02
  • Gallery-1024x768_food-centre_03
  • Maritime Transport lighting by Beacon Lights
  • Gallery-1024x768_parham_02
  • Parham Airfield - lighting design by Beacon Lights, Suffolk
  • Gallery-1024x768_parham_04
  • Gallery-1024x768_parham_05
  • 1920x500-main-slider_midwich_02
  • com-gallery-1600x1067_foodhall-3
  • Services-main-exterior2
  • Services-main-wall
  • Services-main-swimming
  • Services-main-rooflights
  • shopping-mall
  • Category-image_exterior
  • Suffolk-Food-Hall-04

The Beacon Gallery is a selection of images taken on projects completed during 2015. They include The Suffolk Food Hall, VW Ipswich, Maritime Transport, Midwich and Parham Airfield.

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VW Ipswich

  • Gallery-1024x768vw_ipswich_02
  • Gallery-1024x768_vw_ipswich_03
  • Gallery-1024x768_vw_ipswich_02
  • VW Ipswich - Lighting design by Beacon Lights

Beacon Lights provided assistance to VW Ipswich with interior and exterior lighting supply and design.

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Maritime Transport

  • Maritime Transport lighting by Beacon Lights

A prestigious project was awarded to Beacon Lights by Maritime Transport.

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Parham Airfield

  • Gallery-1024x768_parham
  • Gallery-1024x768_parham_05
  • Gallery-1024x768_parham_04
  • Gallery-1024x768_parham_02
  • Parham Airfield - lighting design by Beacon Lights, Suffolk

Beacon Lights were commissioned to renew and restore the lighting at Parham Airfield whilst being sympathetic to the age and history of the property.

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